After Kit installation

Candidate #4 Test Results
Jeff Thomas (JTRacin)
302ci w/ approx. 356hp
5 speed
4.30 gears
DOT tires

Update 10/23/04
11.66 with 60' 1.54 w/slicks

Update 12/29/03
11.69 @ 116 N/A

Update 7/18/02
Seem to launch best all weekend around 5400 rpm. I had a mouse pad made of the picture at the event for my new computer. hehe.. Actually the car DID short time @ 1.57 twice over the course of the weekend. It was very consistent with many runs in the 11.80's with a best of 11.80 at 115. For most part the mph stayed in the 113 range. If you check FFW for Norwalk results or get MM&FF in a few months on the coverage of the event. I finsihed 22 out of 130 True Street cars with an 11.88 avg. Sunday in bracket racing for True Street I got down to the last 13 cars out of 109 and got greedy at the light. My 11.85 to the other guys 11.80 dial in. I tried to holeshot him and redlighted. I was P.O. Hadn't redlighted in a coupl e of years . Oh well Very fun weekend.


Update 7/06/02
Hey dude you still alive?? How is things be going?
Thought I would ring and give you some updates from my last outing. For starters I got a New set of M/T 28 x 11.5 DOT rubber for the ol' girl. (Bless there souls) I jacked and leveled up car and ended up running a centerline of car to check to make sure rear was straight in car. It was fairly true, not enough to cause the problems I was having. Just had to readjust for the bigger tire to gain wheel well clearance. I CHANGED NOTHING TO SETUP I HIT ON WITH THE KIT.(since you said it was Golden) hehehe. After doing somemore researching and talking with a few of the heavier hitters of the Stang business, I learned my anti-roll bar was causing my problems. I was taught correctly how to set it up. Matter of 5 minutes time. It was so Damn easy. So I appologize on my part for not being on top of that.

Now for the GOOD part. After getting the above things figured out and in correct working order, I returned to the Track this Friday night. ( a different track from first results) We had awesome weather about 80* to start with getting down to about 68* tow ards dark with good air. No humidity like before. First pass about the same as before.( trying to heat cycle new slicks) But the second pass on through the rest of the night. Awesome!!!!!! I got about 5 runs after that and every pass nailed 1.58's, 1.59's short times. Oh it gets better. The car made it's best pass ever of 11.78 @ 115 mph. Two others at 11.84. Kevin, no Lie the car felt like it was on a String down the track. It would come out of the hole and never even think about going left. Had a little nose diving first few passes, but kept stiffening the front struts and it was Golden. My close buddy watched the car for any squat and he said it never even became an issue.I had the most fun with the car that night. It was just so exciting to drive. I had several guys come over and complimant me and of course ask questions. Nothing said about kit though hehe. So to close, I feel getting the anti roll bar working the way it needed to be help the going to left problem. The new tire most likely helped me with mph gain. And the different track. At least they prepped more than the other freaking HOLE!! The kit has definately helped with anti squat. So you deserve an "atta Boy" hehe

Average before changes: 27" QuickTime
E.T. 11.97
60' 1.63

Average after changes: 28" M/T DOT's
E.T. 11.83
60' 1.58
Best pass 11.78 @ 115 w/1.58

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