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Dan Russo

Before Kit is installed

My name is Dan and my car is a:
1998 Cobra
318 RWHP 290 RWTQ
7000 RPM launches.
FMS "B" springs out back
Tokico 5 ways with 150# coilvoers
3550 TKO
4.56 ratio
26x10x15 ET drags

Before I changed to solid uppers and lowers the car would consistantly go 1.55 60' times now they all in the 1.60 to 1.65 struggling to stay in the 11.90's range. Thanks for your input. I know this may not be my biggest problem but if i could get this out of the way I will be able to move on to the next deal.

After Kit was installed

Update: 8/29/07

4 in a row! A little feed back would be appreciated. Theres 1 more race sept 30th I missed the first 3 races and should win the points if I can go a couple rounds. Baseline is the best!
Thank you Kevin 

Update: 8/2/07

Hey that makes 3 events in a row winner!
I have finally passed the guys in points who had 2 extra races under thier belt while I was building the rear-end. I need stickers! Next race Aug 26th i'll keep ya posted.
C Ya Danny Russo
IMSM #25 soon to be #1

Update: 7/8707

Kevin the suspension is reacting awesome.I credit the wins to your suspension lay out I couldn't be happier!
I have never had such good .400 pro tree reaction times. -.002  .017 .040 just to name a few.
I need BASELINE SUSPENSION STICKERS (2) I am now your biggest fan.
Do you have any stickers?


Update: 5/15/07

Hi Kevin,
I recently purchased your PL#1 and also the J&M weight jackers (Pro 3i). Finally got the rear rebuilt and welded and all that. Went to the track may 12th with my old slicks from last year and was still able to get 1.55 60 ft. times. I set everything up the way you said with the lower CA's level at the front and back bolts. BUT it was'nt until i saw video yesterday on of my car leaving did i really know how valuable your PL#1 really was. The car did not squat like in the past and it was evident that the car really lunged FORWARD and showed on my pro-tree reaction times! The weather was alright but usually with new slicks my car would 60 atleast .04 better that would have matched my best 60 ever of 1.51 so when the air is right i'm looking for 1.49's w/ your set up and that would be sick for a 3270 LBS. 318 rwhp car. The 90/10's seem to be working fine and i left the tokico 5 ways out back on the #2 setting all day. Next time i will try the #3,4,5 settings and see what happens. The car does not pull the tires off the ground but i'm getting full extension when leaving the line with out it falling on it's face after leaving. Everyone who saw the video commented on how the car moved forward and not up like it use too. .... To say the least I'm very impressed how my shake down runs went. The car seemed to be hooking too good so I went to my 2 step to raise the launch limiter for better 60 ft. times and to my surprise it was already set at 7000 rpm. I thought it was at 6500 I couldn't believe how it was hooking with 1 year old kept in the garage all winter slicks.

Thanks Dan Russo. 


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