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Glen Jones
5.53 @ 127 60' 1.27

Update: 7/18/07

More updated information:
Running ORSCA Modified street with a 440" Windsor.

Pictures at Commerce (Atlanta Dragway) with new paint

Best there on a single shot plate 5.53 @127 mph (1/8), 3240 lbs.

Again, best 60' has been 1.27, with the 5.53 ET the best in the 1/8.

Just giving you an update.  I'm doing well in the new class by ORSCA.

Talk to you later.

Glen Jones.

Update: 9/07/06

Engine combo 347 pro-line built SBF, Wilson two stage plate.

Spring 06 best launch pic.. Done on 28x10.5 slicks.  Baseline uppers, Steeda Lowers.  But that was before the more recent paint job, cowl hood, replaced the k-member, installed coilovers, and repainted the car, and set up to run drag radials.  “Down track” is a down track view with new paint.  The car still runs Steeda lowers and Baseline uppers.

The 5.54 was at 3000#+/- 25 on two stages of nitrous and on Drag Radials

The 347 has been pulled.  A big Windsor is going in, planning for 5.20’s or better.  My car is registered for ORSCA EZ street #126.  Gotta be honest, the goal has been to stop the wheelstands and make best ET. 
The launch pics from the fast passes don’t look like much.  The fast pass was at Emerald coast Dragway, slip breakdown:

60’   1.3171
330’  3.6038
594’  5.1898
660’  5.5470
MPH   125.97

Second stage wasn’t hit until 1.1 sec out, so 60’ could have been improved a little with the little motor.

Give me until mid/late October and I should have some more launches with the Windsor.  Installing wheelie bars to keep the first few from being a little insane.

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