Jeff Lange

Hey Kevin,
Here is a cleaned up pic of my car launching the first time out with your upper c.a's at Norwalk.
Car went a best of 1.413 60' that day.  Ran a new personal best of 10.21 at 129.6 w/ 1.42 60' on a 150 shot.  Car weights ~3250lb w/ me in it.

Basic Combo:  R302 block 347, ported AFR 185 heads, TFS-r intake, mild custom solid roller cam (.616/.622, 246/254, 108 lobe sep), 75mm tb, 80mm mas, 42 lb injectors, 1 3/4" lt's, NX efi plate kit, Lentech AOD w/ brake, Edge 4200 nonlockup converter, 4.56 gears, 28 x 10.5" slicks, full drag suspension w/tubular kmember and a-arms w/ coil overs. Pinon angle was roughly set at 0 to -1/2 but needs to be adjusted.
...... I can't wait to see what the car does with -2 to 3 deg. pinion angle on a good hooking track. I am also sending my converter back to edge to get is tightened up a bit. I tried the 200 shot pills last weekend and it just slipped to much..shift light was on the whole way down the track almost. So...I think with a tighter converter and the 200 pills...9's next season.

Jeff Lange

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