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A while ago I bought the green Mustang Gt on your site that belonged to Courtney Rogers. I built a Mustang Coupe and transfered the rear suspension from the green car to my coupe. The only change being Strange adjustable rear shocks and an anti-roll bar. The front consisted of the UPR tubular suspension package, coilovers with 115 lb springs, and Strange adjustable struts. The engine (625 hrspwr flywheel) remained a N/A 347 with a better head and intake package. The tranny was a C-4 with brake, and an 8" 5500 converter. With a bit of tuning we were able to run a 9.89 @133 with a 1.29 short time, at a 2710 lb.race weight.

Just wanted to let you know that your upper control arm package worked great. This was one of the best driving stock suspension cars that I have owned. I included a pic. This car is also on the bottom of the WFC home page at Thanks for a great product.

-Kevin Crider


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