West Texas Mean Street- 8165
2012 Class Record
2012 Points Champion
After Kit is installed
ET: 5.31 @ 131
60ft: 1.22

275/60 Drag Radials


Update 10/20/13

Well the weather was there yesterday for some really fast passes---  they were offering 500$ for 1st into the 5.20's--  my 1st 2 passes were 5.36 1.22 130.5 (spun some bout 10' out) @3445' DA and then a 5.34 1.23 131.34 @ 3805'DA..   New pass on RD1 I tried to up RPM and go for the 20's- it got out about 15' or so and SHOOK harder than it ever has..  RD2 I put it back like we had it on Q1 hoping it would go--  track was cold and I once again got out about 10-15' and spun then shook...  I have had no data on a cold track and poor prep/cold track- it was telling me to either add air or clicks of compression and or loosen up front end travel but I was getting greedy going for the 500$$...  Anyhow I got the record back and overall a good year---  went 3 tenths faster than last year and look to make a blower swap this winter to a gear drive and F1R..

I will also be doing a upper swap to your Outlaw...
thanks again for the help..

Update 9/21/13

 Made some improvements again on the car...   We have been fighting wheel stands and been going 1.26 60's on the rear wheels...   The last race of our WTMS275 class--  in the finals we got the front end tight enough to make a good 60' on the 275's and your suspension!-- We went a 1.22 60'- I lost on that pass because I went Red- It ran a 5.40 @ 129.74 in 4300'DA and I had to throttle down track once then shifted 700 rpm to early- this could have been a 5.31-5.34 pass 130x mph with the 60' we got out of it! :(
This is still your ProLaunch #2 kit, single adj lowers and Track Locator!!!

Vortech YSI 20psi (now chiseled A/A intercooled)
Still have the Freezy Hyd Roller Cam
Double Adj Strange Struts and Double Adj Chris Alstons coil overs in STOCK location!AFR 205 Heads
Power Glide
Now on E85
After our last race on 10-19-13- I will be getting rid of the YSI and switching to a Gear Drive setup and a F1r..  May do a head swap to some TFS HP 255's and a Solid Roller Freezy Cam...  Also debating on switching to your New Outlaw Uppers!!! Thanks again for the great products and all the help/input you give me!!!! It has inspired others in my class to purchase your products!! :)

Thanks, Marty Thomson

Update 3/2/13

Well just got back from the track---
1st hit I spun- had to much shock in it..   Air was only 3700 today-- a lot better!

Next pass off the hit it went right (had 1/4 turn pre load in it- put it netural rest of day)-- had to let out and get back in it (went 1.27 60' though)- 5.75.

Next pass went 5.59 w 1.31 126.40, then worked on the computer and went 5.53 1.27 60' 126.40..

Next pass was hoping to get into the 5.4x's- but computer wigged out (didn't get enough heat in the motor- 102 degrees) and went 5.56 1.28 124.04-- this was on the 275 drag radial

Once again-- Thanks for all the help and great products!

Marty Thomson
West Texas Mean Street- 8165

2012 Class Record
2012 Points Champion

Update 7/7/12

Hello Kevin,
See if this one would work to get on your website...  track was 150 degrees, so everyting was down but still a decent pic/launch..

1993 Mustang, 363ci
Vortech YSI- 20psi
M/T 275/60/15 Drag Radial
3294#'s, Full Factory Interior
Baseline Lowers
Baseline ProLaunch Uppers
Baseline Track Locator
DA= 6000'+- Powerglide

So Far The car has went 1.30 60', 5.71 1/8th mile, 122mph (the way the car sits with more testing- it would have went into the 1.2x 60's and deep 5.60's!).. This was withOUT Intercooler, No E85, No Meth. Just ordered a Intercooler and going to convert to E85- so hope for some better times soon!!

 Thanks for the great suspension and great tech support!!!!
Marty Thomson
West Texas Mean Street- 8165

2012 Class Record
2012 Points Champion

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