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Kevin Slaby

Rex McLaren

After Kit is installed

ET: 9.83 @ 136
60's: 1.37


Fixed the stumbling issue. The car is now 60fting consistantly in the 1.3's, but the last pass it went 1.51 with the back tires. It was a big shocker to me. It probably would have been a 1.4 but I went in deep on the tree. I think it carried the wheels 70-80ft before it set em back down The photographer told me the car tripped the 60ft beems with rear tires. Its funny how we went from not lifting the tires first passes of 2008 to monster wheel stands the last passes. Thanks for the help. I will update as we fix the newest issues.

BTW new PB: 1.37 60ft 6.22@109mph 9.83@136mph
Thanks Rex

Dart Block 4.125 bore
3.25 stroke Crank Internally Balanced
Probe Lightweight I beam rods
JE custom pistons 14.6:1 compession
Ported TW Heads Flow
1.6 TFS Rockers with RGM 1 piece stud girdle
Custom Grind Solid roller
ISKY Red Zone Solid Roller Lifters
Ported Super Victor Intake w/ 1" spacer
BIGS 950 Stage 7
KOOKS 1 7/8 headers with Evac System
UCC 8" convertor with a 6500 stall and a few other tricks.
Dynamic M2 C-4 with a modified Direct Drive drum to handle the high rpms
4.56 gears

NO 1.3's, But hows this for consistancy :)
Thanks for the help. I should have some good before and after pictures for your website soon.
BTW heres the video of todays passes.

1st Pass off the trailer
60ft 1.415
330ft 4.059
1/8 6.313@108.73
1000ft 8.283
1/4 9.952@134.85

Ummm 12 something. Forgot to shift when the little light came on and hit the rev limiter at 9k

60ft 1.417
330ft 4.065
1/8 6.325@108.80
1000ft 8.294
1/4 9.967@134.32

4th and new personal best
60ft 1.418
330ft 4.057
1/8 6.302@109.38
1000ft 8.263
1/4 9.927 @ 135.25



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