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Randy Seuss

After Kit is installed

ET: 10.65 @ 127
60's: 1.43

Update: 7/16/07

Got back out the the track today. I just put new tires on the car...(only thing I changed since last outing) they are M&H Racemaster 27x10's out back with a set of M&H fronts as well. First pass off the trailer on the new hides. I did a big burnout and I think I may have greased em. I had them at 11.5 psi cold, 6000 rpm on the 2 step, 7200 shift points, car goes 11.02 @ 125 with a 1.58 short. After a quick phone call I dropped the psi to 9-3/4 lbs, I bumped the 2 step to 6200 rpm and left the shift points alone. This time I barely had any burnout at all as recomended car goes 10.82 @ 124 with a 1.47 short.
I decided to bump the 2 step to 6400 rpm and left the tire psi alone. I was also moving shift points up to 7350 car left hard 1.43 short. I missed 3rd and coasted thru.
Rain ended the day before I could make another pass. I have some strange adjustable rear shocks on the way, so maybe it'll 60ft even better?

Update: 6/16/07
Made it to the track, first full test on this car's new setup.

The car's first pass responded with a 1.61 with a 11.17 @ 123 leaving at 5500 rpm with 10psi in the 26's.
I bumped the 2-step to 6000 rpm and raised the pressure to 11psi, and it responded with a 1.51 going 11.07 @ again 123mph.Your suspension works great. I'm in the process of putting a real tire on the car and cutting some low 1.4's. The car seems to spin the 26's no matter what I tried and 2 other freinds also said the car felt like it was spinning when they drove it. Goal for now: Mid to low 1.4's & anywhere in the 10's N/A, then I'll add a plate system.

Thanks again, your suspension works!!!


Model Year: 1987 Mustang Coupe
Weight: 3050lbs w/driver
CID: 352

Compression: 11.6:1
Intake: Parker Funnel web (out of the box)
Heads: Canfeild 192cc
Block: Dart Iron Eagle 8.2
Cam: AFM N-111 hydrolic roller w/ crane link bars

Rockers: 1.6 Comp Pro Magnum w/ Jomar Girdle
Springs:Herbert w/ herbert ti retainers

Pump: Vortech T-rex EFI
Fuel Type: Pump gas
Headers: BBK 1 3/4" Long Tube
Mid Pipes: 3in X pipe
Exhaust: 3in Dynomax bullets Dumped
Carb: Pro Systems 780 xc
Ignition: MSD 7al-2
Other:Elec water pump, no accesories,16v batt.

Transmission: Liberty Gears Faceplated TKO
Clutch:Ram 900 series disc w/long style plate
Moser 31spline axles, Detroit locker
4.56 Motorsport gears
Front Susp: Ground Pounder tubular k-member, Ground
Pounder tubular a-arms
Ground Pounder coilovers w/ Afco 125/14" springs
Lakewood 90/10 struts
Rear Susp: Baseline Suspensions Stage 1 upper control arms
Baseline Suspensions lower control arms,
Baseline Suspensions Race Anti-Roll bar

Stock springs cut 1 1/4 coil
Lakewood 50/50 shocks.
Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Drag  26 x10.5/15 tires (27's soon to come)

ET: 11.07@ 123.95
60ft: 1.51


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