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Troy Chapman

After Kit is installed

Update 12/6/06
Model Year: 1995 Mustang Cobra
Weight: 3250lbs
CID: 347
TB Intake: 90mm Accufab TFS Box upper TFS R lower
Power Pipe: AFM 4"
Heads: AFR 205
Block: Sportsman B50 302
Cam Rockers: AFM N91 1.6 Comp Pro Magnum
MAF: PMAS 80mm plastic shorty
Fuel Rails: Behind Bars Race Cars
Pump: Twin Walbro GSS 392 inline
Fuel Type: Pump
Headers: MAC 1 3/4" Long Tube
Mid Pipes: MAC 3" Prochamber
Exhaust: MAC 3" Pro Dump
Computer: AFM Programmable Management System
Ignition: MSD 6AL
Transmission: C4
Ultimate Converter Concepts 8" 5500rpm
Moser 33spline axles, Moser spool,
Moser rearend girdle
4.56 Motorsport gears
Front Susp: Ground Pounder tubular k-member, Ground
Pounder tubular a-arms, Ground Pounder coilovers w/
QA1 130/14" springs, Strange 10way struts
Rear Susp: Baseline Suspensions Stage 2 upper control arms
Baseline Suspensions lower control arms,
Baseline Suspensions Race Anti-Roll bar
Baseline Suspensions Track Locator
(still to come)
Stock springs
Strange 10way shocks.
Other: Mickey Thompson ET Drag stiff wall 28x10.5/15 tires

ET: 10.67 @ 125.72
60ft: 1.43

Troy Chapman
Houston, TX

Update 11/25/06
  I moved the 2step RPM from 4500 to 5000rpm to see what would happen.  The air was so-so, but the 60ft improved from 1.47 to 1.43, no other changes.  New ET best of 10.67 @ 125.

Troy Chapman
Houston, TX

Update 10/13/06
Made it back to the track tonight.  The weather was about 10 degrees cooler so the car picked up 2 tenths going 11.16 @ 120.  I made three passes, 60ft times were 1.524,1.528, and 1.516.  Its getting better, last time out was a 1.546.  Changes were swapping from the coil springs from 175/14" to 130/14", lowered the front of the car 3/4", and added 1/2 degree of pinion angle, also stiffed up the shocks and tighten up the struts.  First two passes the struts were on 3, and the shocks were at 5.  I didn't touch the shocks but after looking at video the front was raising then dropping back down.  I tightened up the struts to 5, that's when the 1.516 came, the front lifted and stayed up better.  Now I'm just waiting on some cooler air to get my 10sec pass and 1.4x 60ft time.  I'm also investigating getting a new converter with more stall.  Attached is a video of the 1.516 60ft pass.  The noise is coming from the other car....   Thanks!

Troy Chapman
Houston, TX


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