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More room for 3" tailpipes:
Mustang Antiroll Bar:
1. Replaceable Polyurethane pivot bushings.
2. More room for 3" exhaust.
3. Weld-in or Bolt-in Construction (See note below)
4. 3/4" diameter down links with 1/2" heim ends.
5. 4130 Chromemoly main bar.

For 1979 and Newer Only

1. The main pivot bushings in this kit are made of self lubricating Polyurethane and are bolted in (Not Welded) so they can be replaced plus the Polyurethane helps insulate against suspension noises.

2. The down links are moved away from the frame rails and the main cross bar is moved higher and farther forward in the frame which allows more room for full length exhaust.

3. The kit is designed so the 4 main mounting plates can either be bolted or welded to the floor pan. Because two mounting plates are placed inside the car they can easily be tied to the roll cage for added durabilty.
*NOTE: The down link tabs must still be welded to the axle tubes.

4. The down links are made from 3/4" tubing and use LARGER 1/2" heim ends.

5. Main cross bar is made from 4130 Chromemoly.

*The only differences between the two Antiroll Bars are the main Pivot Bushing material.
*RACE VERSION installation shown below

Clearance for 3" tailpipes!

For Inquiries Send
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Kevin Slaby

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