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For cars running 13's and well into the 7's.
This Outlaw upper control arm kit is the only upper control arm kit you will need!

The OutLaw - This Fully Adjustable kit comes with REMOVABLE Instant Center Plates so you can dial in the Instant Center position that works best for your car!
Use the Baseline Suspensions
OutLaw Instant Center Calculator to plot out all the Instant Center postions that each plate offers and choose which settings you want to use:

~OutLaw IC Calculator~

~If you want more "HIT" to the tires to really plant the tires
then Raise the rear UCA bolt to increase Anti-Squat.

~If you want less "HIT" on the tires and a longer and lower Instant Center
then Lower the rear UCA bolt to decrease Anti-squat.

**Optional 5/8"bolts available for CHASSIS side upon request.

For best results and to get the suspension set up correctly for Drag Racing it is recommend that there is some way to alter the ride height of the rear of the car. Adjusting the rear ride
height alters the rear control arm geometry thus moving the Instant Center (IC).
Lengthening the IC changes the amount of leverage the suspension has to lift the
nose of the car and it changes the amount of tire loading during the launches.
Some ways that can be done to adjust the ride height are the use of coilovers, coilover conversion, weight jacker type LCA's, cutting springs or adding weight. Doing this is not necessary but it's recommended for best results.

Outlaw UCA kit

Outlaw UCA kit

Outlaw UCA kit

Outlaw UCA kit

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